Tuesday, October 11, 2011

lux 2

Ronald Graupner / Jan Nordsieck

Concept | We designed a machine that has the ability to react sensitively to people. This ability should give the machine something intrinsic despite of its technical form. An intrinsic nature is necessary to get a reaction back from people and in the end to create a place of interaction between man and machine. After many deliberations about the gestalt and type of reaction, a very fine, transparent, breathing machine was chosen. It can respond to people by inflating or deflating and collapsing.

Realization | The machine is based electronically on the simple circuit used in computer cooling systems, except in this analog circuit the thermistor (temperature sensor) is replaced by a photoresistor (light sensor). The light sensor data is transferred analog to a PC fan. The fan speeds up or slows down to the same degree that people affect the amount of incoming light. The light sensor controls two fans that inflate or deflate a transparent membrane. 

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