Thursday, October 13, 2011

infinity project

Lilli Gast / Tobias Guenther

Concept | The investigation of the virtual component of the actual space has led us through a variety of spatial experiments to a project that deals with the perspective view of space and its manipulation. The idea was to use a »reverse perspective illusion« to expand an existing space. 

The »reverse perspective illusion« uses the similarity of the shape of a particular object – in our case the truncated pyramid – and a linear perspective projection of a space – in this case an elongated interior space. Because the viewer does not perceive the installation as a object, but rather as a space or the perspective illustration of a space, the object seems to move in an unusual way.

Implementation | The spatial object consists of interlocked cardboard elements. For the surfaces an original photo was manipulated so that the lighting conditions fit the representation of space. The individual cardboard side pieces were distorted, covered with the manipulated image and assembled in order to construct the desired illusion.

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